Urban Puppy
Urban Focus

The Urban Focus class. This class is great for dogs that had some foundation training (e.g Private Puppy Life Skills or Urban Puppy Group Class) and for dog owners who wish to continue with their dog’s training.

S$300 for three

60-minute workshops

This class will help your dog focus on you and respond better in stimulating, new situations, including being around other dogs and people.

Please note : this class is not appropriate for dogs who are leash-reactive, dog aggressive or dog reactive. If you are uncertain whether your dog’s on-leash behaviour is over-excitement reactivity or aggression, please call or email us before enrolling. If your dog has any Behaviour Problems, Behaviour Evaluation will be needed to assess the dog’s behaviour issues and estimate what can be achieved with training so that we can incorporate Behaviour Modification training into the programme.

Dog owner can bring two additional family members. Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult and children under the age of 10 must attend with two adults to provide safe supervision for dogs and children both.

Who will benefit from this class
Dog who becomes overly excited during walks, whines for attention and/or jump at visitors.
Dog who lunge/pull and/or bark at other dogs while on leash
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